The complete conference kit allows the user to shoot on the BoardOnAir™, and is composed of a camera, set lights and professional broadcasting and recording devices. It allows you to shoot, record and/or livestream (optional) with just a simple touch. The presenter may write on the BoardOnAir™, make images and videos appearing and comment with the marker during the presentation. The written parts on the BoardOnAir™ are automatically reversed and appear normally in the resulting recorded video.


The following items already included in the lesson kit:

  • The BoardOnAir™
  • a set of lights and lightstands to illuminate the presenter
  • a mirrorless Panasonic video camera (with detailed instructions on recommended settings) and a video camera stand
  • microphone with transmitter and receiver
  • black sheets for ceilings and walls
  • 2 packs of felt-tip pens and cleaning kit


  • ATEM Television Studio by Blackmagic with preset files
  • HYPERDECK studio mini digital recorder by Blackmagic
  • A left-right automatic revearser tool
  • Presentation R/C
  • Monitor
  • Manual
  • Setup guide

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